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Auburn Tigers – 2013

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Tigers Football 2013 Matrix Breakdown

I hope the Auburn finally got it right with Gus Malzahn.  Not one team, even the Texas Longhorns, has a worse record since 2005 for their recruiting efforts.  While UT is close, those 3 and 5 win seasons are almost  unthinkable.

Look at the black line for recruiting average in the chart below.  Auburn has been above the CFBMatrix national title berth blue line that every winner and loser of the NCG has been above to start a season since 2005.   Outside of the great title run of 2005, it has largely been a lost decade for Tiger fans.

Auburn is an elite recruiter with outstanding attrition rates.  I can only assume there must be tremendous issues in the Athletic Department and/or with big boosters to cause such a short fall in potential.  As a +1 game coach in 2012 at Arkansas State and previous offensive architect for the 2010, cross your fingers they got it right with Gus as this team should be an annual SEC West title contender.

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Auburn 2013 Win Recruiting Trends

2013 Schedule Breakdown

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What a great schedule for the Tigers and a new head coach.  Look , the SEC West if brutal no matter how you slice and you have to play them all, but critical home games and scattered, easy OOCs help anyone.

Right away at home you have win, win.  The Tigers should crush both Washington State and Arkansas State.  End of story.  I don’t buy the Wazzu and Leach hype machine.  He was average in all but one year at Texas Tech and even Kentucky would be favored over the Cougars at Pullman.

After a 2-0 start, Auburn starts the SEC with a home game against Mississippi State.   What a great break.   Not that the Bulldogs are not talented, but it beats the heck of a bunch of other SEC teams.   Huge game for both teams.  The numbers say stick with the Tigers.  3-0

Expecting a win at LSU is too much, too soon.  The Tiger might give them a game in Death Valley but odds are solidly against Auburn.  3-1 entering a well scheduled bye week.

Not only do they get a tough Ole Miss team at home coming off the bye, the Rebels will be coming off another road game at Alabama and looking ahead to Texas A&M the next week.  Awesome trap situation for the Tigers as the Rebels will be favored.  Calling a shot on the Upset Alert right now.  Tigers win.  They move to 5-1 the next week with an easy cake walk with Western Carolina.  They are going to need those wins and rest as the second half of the season is very hard.

The second half of 2013 kicks off in week 8 at College Station to face the Aggies.  Another great schedule break as this game is between easy OOCs for Auburn and A&M is coming off a road game at Oxford.   Still, the Tigers don’t have it to win this on the road just yet.

Week 9 cupcake hosting Florida Atlantic to go 6-2 and become bowl eligible.  Since 2004, 75% of all Matrix top 40 recruiters go from sub .500 to bowl eligible the next year.  They need to do it this week and the next 4 games are all tough.

I have the game at Arkansas as a win for the Tigers.  They have the talent.  This will be a very interesting game in my opinion.  Both guys new head coaches.  Does this set the mental and emotional table going forward for both teams head to head in the future?

The same can be said for the next game at Tennessee.  This is a very tough game as it is a second straight road game, it is against a more talented Vols team and it is a huge trap with the Tigers hosting Georgia the following week.  Vols win as the 3 game skid starts.

The last two games are going to be too much for the new coaching staff.  Hosting Georgia and then Alabama in the Iron Bowl.  The Tigers go down in both games.  If you are keeping track that is 7-5.  BUT, the new head coach Matrix and the Total Wins Matrix show the most likely record is 6-6.  Somewhere in that mix, the Tigers drop a game to 6-6.  Not great, but not bad and hope is renewed as Auburn goes bowling.

Auburn Schedule Predictions 2013

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