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Pace of Play

2013 Pace Of Play – Conferences

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2013 Pace Of Play

Plays per Minute by FBS teams

Original post:  2|17|14

I changed the formatting on this conference comparison chart because of the NCAA Rules Committee “player safety” and “more fair” proposal.  It shows you the average number of plays run per minute for each FBS conference in the 2013 season.

For reference I added the number of reported DLs lost to any type of football injury, the number of snaps, punts and kickoffs a conference faced and the ratio of snaps to season ending injury for a FBS D-lineman.  To be more acute in a study, we would need to see how many of those 62 DL injuries were caused by or during HUNH play from the 133,388 snaps to see if the ratios of injury were above or below the average of 1 every 2,186 plays.

POP by Conf 2013

Team Rankings 2013 Pace of Play

POP by Team 2013

Injuries were public information as reported by teams.  Bone, upper muscular, toe, foot, dismissal, academics, legal and suspensions were excluded.

Calculations: Total rushes, passes, punts and kickoff divided by total minutes of possession. Stats from cfbstats, teamrankings, NCAA and public injury reports.


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