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The 2013 Composite Recruiting Ranking™ Cheat Sheet

With a key to the simplicity of the CFBMatrix being adjusted recruiting rankings, it is only right to kick off every season as I have done for the last 8 years with the Composite Ranking™ sheets. It took a few years, but after the numbers showed very little overall shifting in rankings after November 1 each year and classes ending up with a final ranking on NSD  in spite of my constant viewing I just dropped it until now.

I have been doing the the CFBMatrix Composite Rankings™ for 13 years in order to reduce the bias in some ranking systems and error in evaluations.  Do I believe any one site is statistically better than another for rankings, no (proven), so I put them all together to reduce error and the potential bias in some rankings.  Each ranking site has a formula for their ranks but none has proven to be better than another including their own ‘composite ranks which, when you add up and average the number available make no sense and are misleading.  Except….

I finally stopped even looking at ESPN numbers.  Their formula is marginal for ranking teams, it is too subjective and they only rank to the top 40.  They focus on NFL potential and top classes to placate big program readers but for understanding classes, provide little value.

This is just the start of a bunch of new numbers, angles and predictions from the CFBMatrix.  I will update the numbers the day after National Signing Day along with breakdowns of trends of all the teams and conferences.  Until then, here is your quick reference cheat sheet.

You can use the sheet to look back on 2012 classes and 4 year non-adjusted averages of classes.  No bias to formulas, rankings or sites.  Only the stats at your personal fingertips.

Thanks for being on-board for another football season with the CFBMatrix.
– Dave Bartoo – The College Football Matrix

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  1. John Bohan

    February 1, 2013 at 9:53 am

    I heard Dave on 1620 yesterday. Is there a documentation page that illustrates how only 36% of players that signed LOI in 2010 are still on team this season? I heard you mention it and would like to see the facts. Thanks!

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