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Welcome to the 2013 kickoff of College Football Season for the CFBMatrix.  It’s been a great off season for me with visits to several AQ schools to talk stats and creating better or new pro-active analytics in their football and athletic programs.    These adventures has spawned a ton of new ideas and metrics for tracking and predicting college football.  I see the CFBMatrix as a ‘Art of War’ disciple where it’s over before it’s over.

Let start by thanking the over 5 million pages read last season on this site.  All the followers on twitter @CFBMatrix and everyone that starts a conversation, gives an idea or asks a question.    In addition to adding more unique stat angles and predictions, I am going to try out video articles to get a better understanding of where I am coming from and my thinking.  Plus, I am hoping it cuts down on all my damn typing I have to do to make this bird fly.

I love this article as it was the first one I ever wrote for a CFB season and it what started my path done down college football stats.  I started with the National Championship Game as I wanted to see if there was a pattern to team making the big game.

5 years of stats and millions of data points later, the answer, at the time, was looked pretty good.  12 years later…oh hell yeah there is; only Virginia Tech has bested the formula.  24 teams, one wrong.  Good night.  it’s over before it’s over.

In the past I would just post the group without notes or cut lines but a lot of fans of the Matrix via email (dave@cfbmatrix.com), twitter or texts have asked for more breakdowns of my process.

BCS Berths 2014 – First Cut  – 83 teams with talent rank worse than #32 >>>>>>>

BCS Berths 2014 – 2nd Cut – 13 teams not in top 3 talent ranks in their conference >>>>>

BCS Berths 2014 – 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th Cut – 7 more don’t have the metrics >>>>>

BCS Berths 2014 – Final Cut of 11 teams  >>>>>

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