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2014 Returning Starters

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By the Fans, For the Fans

By Bartoo 1|11|2014

A compilation of numbers directly from Team’s fans.  Everyone loves the returning starter charts.  I have posted what looks to be the correct metrics for each team.  However, I am asking fans that really know best to advise us of the totals.   Beacuse…….

Who knows a team better than it’s fans?  If you know your team send me the numbers and I will put them in the chart.  And of course, your social media link or site to give those proper credit for helping create the table.


EMAIL Stats: dave@cfbmatrix.com Subject: Returning Starters

I am using the table so you can sort by teams, conferences and categories.   Remember! If you feel that a team has incorrect stats please email or tweet to me @CFBMatrix

NOTE:  I DO include K/P in returning starter numbers.  Why?  When both return over the last decade a team’s record has a better year over year winning percentage than if the QB returns.  Field position and 1 game in a 12 game season are critical.  You tell me how many times a team has blown a game because of poor field position or a missed FG.  And losing both?  The average year over year winning percentage drops.  I wonder when teams, fans, recruiting, etc will start to prioritize the kicking game.

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