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The 5th Annual Bill Snyder Coach of the Year

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2014 Bill Snyder Coach Effect of the Year

This page will track all the net positive game coaches.  Every time a coach ‘beats’ the Matrix model in a predicted loss they will earn +1 game effect.  Each loss when a win was predicted is a -1 effect.  The coach with the greatest positive effect in 2014 will be our CFBMatrix Bill Snyder Coach of the Year.

I have a number of reasons for feeling that this methodology is very good for considering the best and worst ‘coaching’ job for 2013.  (1) There is no media, popularity or emotional bias, (2) The CFBMatrix was the #1 publication in 2010, 2011 and 2012 for picking win/loss outcomes of all AQ football games in the pre-season and (3) it uses the same stats for picking the games and it does in  determining the best coaching  job.

To be a the Coach Effect of the Year, I see it as doing more with less.  The elite recruiters like Miles, Saban, Kelly, Hoke, etc should be doing well and winning a lot of games.  The CFBMatrix model has already conclusively proven that fact.

*I decided to name the award after the single best + coach effect season in the last 10 year of Matrix tracking.  +7 games is so far an above the norm it is ridiculous.  No one has, and in my opinion will, come close to that mark in the coming decade.  In this century there is only one head coach with 5+ years of experience with an annual + game effect over 3.  Snyder is at +4.1.

2010 Co-Coach Effect of the Year – Jim Harbaugh – Stanford and Bobby Petrino – Arkansas +4 games
2011 Coach Effect of the Year – Bill Snyder – Kansas State +7 games
2012 Coach Effect of the Year – Bill Snyder – Kansas State +8 games
2013 Coach Effect of the Year – Gary Pinkel – Missouri +5 games

Home Upsets +1 Coaches Week 1

  • Bobby Petrino – Louisville

Road Upset +1 Coaches Week #1

  • Kevin Sumlin – Texas A&M

2014 Leader board – Thru Week #1

SEC –  Kevin Sumlin – Texas A&M +1

ACC –  Bobby Petrino – Louisville +1

PAC12 –  None

BIG 12  –  None

BIG TEN – None

+1 Games Coaching Effect

  • Kevin Sumlin – Texas A&M (1)
  • Bobby Petrino – Louisville (1)


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