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ACC – 2014 Roster Heat Map

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ACC 2014 roster and recruiting distance from home chart This is the ACC 2014 roster heat map breakdown.  The hotter the color, the greater the number of guys on ACC rosters come from that area.


  • I am really shocked to see how little recruiting goes on west of Georgia.  The dominate areas are clearly Florida, but the heat from Virginia and Maryland did surprise me.
  • Seeing four teams, North Carolina, Clemson, Pitt and Georgia Tech with an average player distance from home under 300 miles is interesting. Is there that much talent in their local areas or are the being lazy, or just cheap.
  • Tech was a real shock as I perceived them as tough academically and thus needing to go way outside the area to pull recruits. That could explain their huge slide in recruiting the last few years.
  • Of all the teams that don’t need more talent and expand their recruiting reach, one would assume Florida State would not be the team to reach farther than their roster average.  This may be a strong clue that Fisher is just getting this machine warmed up and not settling for one national title [like so many other programs that allow a sense of entitlement to settle in and sink the future].

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VIDEO LINK: 2014 Major Conference Roster Recruiting Heat Map

ACC Roster 2014 heat map copy

Chart: Steven Just

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