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The Top 25 Trends Against the Number

The best FBS team trends heading into 2015

Trends As I was sitting here pulling charts for each team for the 2015 digital preview magazines, I thought it would be fun to share some of the numbers.  With 13 years of game lines and team information for straight up (SU), against the spread (ATS) and over the total points (totals), I put together a quick list of the top 25 teams over the last ten years against a line category.  I have 40 categories per team with ATS and Totals for 120+ teams over 10 ten seasons and it gives me nearly 5,000 different records against the line for all the teams.

Top 25 Teams to FADE/UNDER over the last 10 years

The diversity is very interesting.  ATS edges Totals by a 15 to 10 count.  ATS after a bye is the most frequent category and three teams are on the list twice each.

It is a fun ‘what-if’ to think investing in each of these top 25 teams in the specific category for the last ten years would give you a 631-258 record.

top 25 team against the line by category last 10 yrs

Records against the Total are for OVER the total.  The bottom 25 list will have the best UNDERS.



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