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Big Ten – 2014 Rosters Heat Map

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B1G 2014 roster and recruiting distance from home chartWhat you see in this chart is a breakdown of the location of all players on Big Ten rosters for the 2014 season.


  • Only Northwestern had a 2014 recruiting class with a lower average distance from home than the 2014 roster. Feels odd for such a ‘smart’ school with high admission standards.
  • The Badgers went way outside their norms with an average recruit nearly 450 miles beyond the average guy on the roster.  Wow!
  • Penn State, Nebraska and Illinois all went 200+ miles beyond their roster average per 2014 recruit as well.

Click: Find the SEC HERE in a special contribution to  USA Today

There is also a breakdown of the 2014 classes and rosters in the CFB Matrix preview magazine apps.

2014 Major Conference Roster Recruiting Heat Map

Big Ten 2014 Roster Recruiting Heat Map

Chart: S. Just


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