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CFBMythBusters Poll: SEC Post Bye Coaching

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In our CFBMythbusters series, we want fans to challenge us to assumptions, myths, ideals and anything else that we could challenge to prove or disprove with stats. Sometimes we get a question that is just that, a question.  Like this one from Mike in Louisiana:

-“Who is the SEC best coach after a bye week?”

We need to know who fan feel that is right now to challenge the ‘myth’ of the best SEC post-bye game coach.

Vote once for the head coach you feel has the best winning and covering percentage after a bye versus their regular game week winning and cover percentage.  We have already done them all and you are going to LOVE the month by month breakdown of each head coach in the SEC.

HEY! This is NOT a ‘vote for your favorite coach’ thing. Use your head not your heart, think and truly vote!


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  1. Bob

    August 12, 2014 at 3:02 pm

    OK .. We’ve all heard forever, and still read on sports boards, even with all these coaches claiming they can.

    “You can’t coach speed”.

    Is it Myth or Fact.

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