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College Football Playoff Eliminator – Week 8

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Week 8 Playoff Bracket and Results

Winners, Losers, and Out of the Playoffs

Last Week: Seven Power 5 teams were handed their first loss in the the double elimination section of the playoff brackets and are moving into the Loser Bracket in Week 7.  Five power 5 conference teams, Stanford, USC, Wisconsin, LSU and Maryland, were handed their second loss on the season and got bounced from the losers bracket.  One more mid-major, the second to last undefeated of its kind, BYU, lost and is out of the playoffs race.

Maximum Number of Undefeated: 4 Ole Miss/ Miss State all have to play.  Only one can survive.   Florida State and Notre Dame play this week and if the Noles win they play no other teams left in the loser or winners brackets.

Current count After Week #7: 

  • Winner Bracket: 6
  • Losers Bracket: 22
  • Out of the Playoffs: 100

Current count After Week #8: 

  • Winner Bracket: 4
  • Losers Bracket: 16
  • Out of the Playoffs: 108

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Winner Bracket Match Ups

  • Notre Dame at Florida State

Winner/Loser Bracket Match ups

  • None

Loser Bracket Elimination Games

  • Washington at Oregon
  • Oregon State at Utah
  • Oklahoma State at TCU
  • Kansas State at Oklahoma

Week 8 bracket preview




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