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Defensive Per Play Efficiency Grades and Rankings

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In order to quantify efficiency for a defense I measure the efficiency at the most basic level of football, each play called.  Check out these rankings to see how efficient the defensive play caller for your team has been this year and also see how their performance this season compares to what he’s averaged throughout his career.

A little explanation of the headers:

Diff from Career Ave is the improvement or regression from the play caller’s career average.  A positive number means his efficiency this season is up from his career average; a negative number means his efficiency is down from his career average.

PPG (Plays Per Game) what pace is the playcaller facing each game on average.

Performance what grade the efficiency merits compared to the rest of College Football.

RTD Grade Roster Talent Discrepancy Grade.  What is the talent gap between the playcaller’s roster and that of his opponents.  The better the grade, the bigger the gap in talent in the playcaller’s favor.

TAG  Talent Adjusted Grade.  How good of a coaching job is the playcaller doing?  If he has a large talent gap in his favor then his results should reflect that.  If he has a large talent gap and his performance is poor; then his TAG grade will reflect that with a poor grade and vice versa.

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