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Fat Guy Touchdown Matrix

The Official Fat Guy TouchDown Matrix

For many years, Adam Kramer, lead college football writer for the Bleacher Report, of Kegs n’ Eggs blog and @KegsnEggs twitter fame, has championed the ‘Fat Guy Touchdown’. That uber-rare moment of shining glory and unexpected heroism that results from a football player of exceptional girth, commonly shunned from offensive glory, is given the gift of scoring from the football gods.

The original Fat Guy Touchdown was none other then William ‘Refrigerator’ Perry.  All 6’2′, 335 pounds of Fat Guy Touchdown glory in that fateful Super Bowl XX in 1986 for the Chicago Bears. Nearly thirty years later, The Frig’s Fat Guy Mass Index is still no. 3 in the record books for Fat Guy Touchdowns.

However, with the onset of spread offenses, and the slimming of many players, Adam was very concerned that there was the potential of awarding a Fat Guy Touchdown, that really was not a Fat Guy. He needed a formula, rules and, with some creative thinking, a scoring system. Now, it is not a Fat Guy Touchdown, unless it is a Fat Guy Touchdown.

Step I – Qualifying

Please proceed through the flowchart for qualifications. It does no good calculating your Fat Guy Touchdown Score if you cannot qualify.

FGTD qualifying flow chart 4 FGTd Matrix Chart

FGTD qualifying flow chart 2

Step II – Degree of Difficulty and Style Points

Not all Fat Guy Touchdowns are created equal.  While Frig Perry’s was the original, having a called play in a short yardage situation with no anti-Fat Guy movements like scooping, leaping or evading tacklers offers little in degree of difficulty. To separate the touchdowns, we needed a scoring system. One that credits extraordinary Fat Guy Touchdown effort and dexterity.

Official Olympic Fat Guy Touchdown Scoring Matrix

Degree of Difficulty

1.0 OL catching TD. Easiest FG TD
1.1 Straight pick 6 with no jumping or twisting AND in front of the LOS (no one to avoid)
1.2 Scoop and score in front of the LOS (no one between FG and goal line)
1.3 Pick 6 from behind the LOS (requires pick and avoiding tackles)
1.4 Scoop and score from behind LOS. Toughest FGTd of them all.

Degree of Difficulty Additional Points
Add .1 for each tackle shed or broken
Add .1 on INT if it requires jumping or other fat guy coordination that is impressive

Style Points
Add .05 for any gut flash while running for a FGTd
Add .05 for any TD celebration (double it to .1 if flagged for excessive celebration)

Step III – Fat Guy Touchdown Scoring Calculations

Multiply (Fat Guy Mass Index) * (Degree of Difficulty + Degree of Difficulty additional Points + Style Points) *(Yards traveled to score/10)
Formula: (FGMI) * (DoD+Dod(a)+SP)*(YtTD/10)

Example: 6’1’ 286 lbs DT goes scoop and score from in front of LOS & breaks a tackle for 37 yd return with faux snowman endzone celebration: Score = (286/73)*(1.2+.1+.05)*3.7 = 19.569

Note: Yards to TD/10 cannot be less than 1.0

Top Ten Scores*

  1. Mike Patterson – Eagles vs Niners – 2006 – 57.001 Points (99 yards scoop & score from LOS plus tackle avoidance)
  2. Shawn Rogers – Denver vs Detroit 2007 – 42.81
  3. Domata Peko – Michigan vs Mich State 2005 – 41.60
  4. Stephon Tuitt – Notre Dame vs Navy 2012 – 38.14
  5. Myron Pryor – Kentucky vs Louisville 2008 – 36.69
  6. Rod Wright OU vs Texas 2005 – 32.32
  7. Ventrell Jenkins Kentucky vs ECU 2009 – 30.19
  8. Junior Louissaint Troy vs Missouri 2004 – 28.58
  9. Kevin Williams Falcons vs Vikings 2007 – 22.21
  10. Chris Whaley Texas vs OU 2005 – 20.73

*All scores and methodology are open to fan challenge and reviewable for change by Kramer and Bartoo. Video evidence is strongly recommended prior to challenge.

 Top Ten Yards to TD

  1. Mike Patterson, Eagles – 99 yards
  2. Stephon Tuitt 77
  3. Domata Peko 74
  4. Myron Pryor 72
  5. Rod Wright 68
  6. Shawn Rogers 66
  7. Junior Louissaint 63
  8. Ventrell Jenkins 56
  9. Kevin Williams 50
  10. Chris Whaley 31

Top Ten Fat Guy Mass Index Ratios

  1. BJ Raji – Packers – 4.554
  2. Donald Penn – Buccaneers – 4.532
  3. Refrigerator Perry – Bears – 4.527
  4. Shawn Rogers Denver – 4.474
  5. Domata Peko Michigan – 4.324
  6. Myron Pryor Kentucky – 4.247
  7. Dan Clark Saskatchewan – 4.189
  8. Stephon Tuitt Notre Dame – 4.128
  9. Mike Patterson Eagles – 4.113
  10. Andre Smith 4.091

 All Fat Guy Touchdowns on Record

Mike Patterson 57.002
Shawn Rogers 42.813
Domata Peko 41.600
Stephon Tuitt 38.145
Myron Pryor 36.690
Rod Wright 32.322
Ventrell Jenkins 30.195
Junior Louissaint 28.583
Kevin Williams 22.214
Chris Whaley 20.729
Ndamukong Suh 16.579
Xavier Cooper 14.262
BJ Raji 11.886
Austin Wentworth 5.683
Donald Penn 4.759
Refrigerator Perry 4.753
Dan Clark 4.608
Andre Smith 4.091