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Hostess Effect? Gainers/Losers in Recruiting

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Biggest Gains/Losses in Average Recruiting Classes ’02-’13

By Bartoo

College Football Team Recruiting and Trends Analytics Guru


(((LISTEN))) George Dohrmann of SI sensationalizes his article through his opinion.  What he does not know are the facts.  Let me use my annual article to set it straight for you.  Thanks for reading and listening! – Dave

The top gainers in average recruiting class rank is dominated by the PAC12 and the SEC.  Cincinnati had the largest average ranking increase with just over 31 average spots from 2008-2013 versus the 2002-2007 period.   The leader in percentage (%) gain in average ranking was Alabama with a 92% increase.  Want the best starting spot for their run in the last 4 years.  Try recruit to win not win to recruit.  It should be no surprise that Saban has done after posting LSU’s two best classes of the decade in his last 2 years with the Tigers.

The top gainer in the Pac12 Conference is the Stanford Cardinal, not Oregon, with a 38% and + 17.7 average ranking increase, which saw huge strides under Jim Harbaugh and now Shaw.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction highlighted the bottom 10 and lead easily by the Colorado Buffaloes, Temple K State and Virginia with an average class rank drop all over 20 spots each and huge percentages in talent.  It makes the coaching job by Dr. Bill The White Snyder that much more amazing.

Range Bound Recruiting

I have been saying for nearly a decade that most programs are stuck in a range bound channel for their average recruiting.  There are 74 teams on this list and note that of those 50 have gains or loses in class rankings over 6 year periods of +/- LESS than 10%.

Update with 2013 information on 2|27|2013

Top 10 Recruiting Class Average Rank Increases

Ton 10 ave rank inprovement

Ton 10 ave percentage rank improvement

Top 10 Recruiting Class Average Rank Decreases

Bottom 10 ave rank inprovement


Bottom 10 ave percentage rank improvement

*The CFBMatrix and www.collegefootballmatrix.com Composite Team Rank is made up of all available national public data on players and teams. As no site has proven to have superior team and player ratings for our model, a blended rank provides an ability to reduce bias and provide a more accurate level of recruiting ranking across all college football teams. In our modeling this Composite Ranking works better for determining season records, results and expected finish within each conference.

All Teams #1-#74 Recruiting Class Average Change Rank

ALL 74 ave ranking spots change

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