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Minutes Defensed – 2013

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Minutes on Defense

Ranking Minutes on the Field by Defenses in 2013

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Well it is pretty easy to see that a ‘fast’ offense might get your defense a lot of time on the field.   Oregon averaged just over 31% more non-offensive time per game on the field than Florida [ I know Duck fans, scoreboard].  It was also interesting to see so many bowl eligible teams at the top these rankings.

In addition to so many fast paced offenses having top ranked defensive numbers in this chart, I did notice that there were not too many good or great teams at the bottom of the rankings.  The only one in the bottom 25 that stood out as very good or better in 2013 was Wisconsin and maybe Mississippi State.

It is almost like the number are telling you a great defensive team, is not necessarily the one that gets off the field the fastest.  Certainly this adds to the notion that time of possession is a pretty antiquated metric.

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Total Minutes Defensed 2013


  1. jeffself

    March 10, 2014 at 7:45 am

    How in the heck are Virginia Tech and Florida at the bottom of minutes on defense when their offenses were so pitiful? Seems like their defenses would have been on the field more.

    • cfbmatrix

      March 10, 2014 at 8:17 am

      No idea man. It is just the way the numbers turned out. See the other post for plays defensed and Florida is at the bottom of that as well. 4 of 12 games had teams run over 70 plays (Ark-83, Mizzou-92, SC-77, FSU-76) The rest were 52-70 plays. UF also was the slowest paced offense in 2013. They held onto the ball as long as possible, even when going nowhere on the field.

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