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More 2012 Total Wins by the Oddsmakers

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Everybody loves to see what their team is being predicted to do by the oddsmakers to see if their college football team is a good pick or best bet.  All of our win totals and every game has been forecast as well as most of the other national publications so you can have fun comparing them.

Today you can check out the 5Dimes lines to the right.  There are 53 of them*.  22 of the team fell within a game of what the CFBMatrix had predicted in April.  5 teams were just outside the lines and 16 teams were solidly outside the projections.  To find your team, or any team’s profile the conference page links are below for an easy find.

You can check them out here with our 5Dimes link. In our experience you need to create an account to get access to lines BUT do not need to fund it.


BIG 12

Big East

Big Ten

PAC 12


*For you Full Ride Members you can access the breakdown of all 53 in your personal member content page


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