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Pace of Play – Injury Rates

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Question: A faster pace of play in college football lead to a greater injury risk?


While I could not get Coach Bielema to ask me that question, it is a basic one that has lingered since Coach Saban broached the subject in the summer of 2013.

We will never be able to gather enough data to make this a conclusive end to the question.  Nevertheless, the abundance of public data is significant and require more than just a page to review it.

I have recorded a breakdown of the report so you can follow along with me as I try to explain how, what and why I presented the data I found.

In the end it is a non-scientific review of limited data.  It does not ‘prove’ nor ‘disprove’ any idea or notion about offensive or defensive schemes causing injury rates to risk or fall.  It is up to you as to what you want to accept, perceive and make of the rule proposal and this information.

Click to Read The CFBMatrix Pace of Play Summary Report (PDF) and draw your own conclusion as a college football fan.

)))Listen  You can find the AUDIO portion of this summary report in the Matrix Casts in the Menu above.  I walk you through my thoughts page by page in the Summary.





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