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The Pace Of Play Report

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The Pace of Play Report

A Summary Report of Public Data for the NCAA Rules Committee on the Proposed Rule

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So much for the Pace of Play to injuries subject fading away last summer.  2 weeks and over 250k+ page views by college football fans later, I decided to place it all plus additional information into a Summary Report.

As usual, I have recorded a breakdown of the report so you can follow along with me as I try to explain how, what and why I presented the data I found.  In the end it is a non-scientific review of limited data.  It does not ‘prove’ nor ‘disprove’ any idea or notion about offensive or defensive schemes causing injury rates to risk or fall.  It is up to you as to what you want to accept, perceive and make of the rule proposal and this information.

Note:  I will be completing the 2009-2012 ‘non-AQ’ conference review of pace of play to starts lost to injury in the next few days.  I will be adding it to the final report when completed.

Click to Read The CFBMatrix Pace of Play Summary Report (PDF)

)))Listen  You can find the AUDIO portion of this summary report in the Matrix Casts in the Menu above.  I walk you through my thoughts page by page in the Summary.

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   Dave does some excellent work.. terrific resource for CFB fans.. Sites like his are on a big plus of this media era

Newest Pace of Play report. Very interesting stuff.

This is worth your time: @CFBMatrix digs up data on pace of play. Really excellent work here. It’s really great.

@ClayTravisBGID @TravHaneyESPN that’s from @CFBMatrix. He nails it here.

Just got a sneak peek at the report on injuries and tempo that @CFBMatrix is dropping in about an hour. Fantastic and really eye-opening.
@CFBMatrix pace of play study, you should. Very interesting

Stewart Mandel – SI: …”to this point, the most extensive research I’ve seen on the topic is from Dave Bartoo of CFBMatrix.com.”

If you have 10-15 minutes, check out @CFBMatrix‘s study on pace of play and injuries. Riveting stuff
Podblog will keep me company during tmrw’s workout!
The definitive report on this larger issue. Take a bow–I certainly hope you get tangible, substantial career benefits from this.

The new Pace-of-Play report by @CFBMatrix is out and it’s fantastic. It reads exactly like you’d think it would

.@CFBMatrix is one of the best guests we have on @USC1620. Showing why with his report on pace of play:

Wow. What else needs to be said?

@CFBMatrix that segment with @FootballTimeMag on @TNSportsRadio was freaking awesome and BRILLIANT.




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