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Final 2013 Composite Recruiting Rankings – Conferences

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Note- All annual rankings ARE NOT EQUAL.   The #2 composite class in 2012 would be ranked #6 this year.  So teams slightly below 2012 rankings are adding near equal talent, those that appear to have similar classes are really adding more and those above average are way above average.

While every player doesn’t stick and most never even see the field for the team they sign with today, the talent grab is the building block for the future of every team and every conference.   Attrition happens and for those lucky few and it happen to a bit less in the coming 4 years, their overall talent may catch up to teams that out recruit them.

But do not under estimate each recruiting cycle.  Failure here produces gaps in talent or starts a downward trend of an entire football program.  Championship teams aren’t made today, but they can certainly be lost.

Not a lot, as expected, in this breakdown.  It appeared that the big mover in 2013 was going to be the Big Ten.  They are still the biggest mover in total average talent for a conference but from up over 8 spots per team for the start of NSD week to just 4 spots is a big drop.

#1 is the SEC. Same as last year and the years before.  Their total talent grab this year huge this year and well beyond the #22 average class of 2012.  And considering the overall talent rankings in 2013 are higher than 2012, the increase in top to bottom SEC talent was amazing.  Just wait until they get 3 teams in the 4 team playoff.  With 14 teams, it can happen.  Odds for continued SEC domination are going up.

The  Big 12 just held down its position as the #3 recruiter of the last 4 years.  The Big Ten tried to slightly close the gap and teh PAC12 fell way back in overall talent with a very down year in recruiting.  The biggest hurt for the PAC12 is that the fallers were their top teams.  Conference perceptions are based on the best teams being the best.  Oregon. USC, Stanford all down, down, down.

The ACC flat out took it right in the shorts.   Boston College and Georgia Tech both took on sub #75 classes?  14 Non-AQ schools out ranked those two.  Awful.  On the flip side, it makes it a whole lot easier for the top teams to stay on top and that, more than anything, is what a conference needs for power perceptions and rankings.


*ESPN ranks only thru #40 so their conf. ave numbers are skewed. 

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