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Scoring Efficiency – Week 10

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Scoring Efficiency

Weekly Ranking of Dave’ Favorite Matrix Metric (Week 10)

This is a reminder that I go by the scoreboard.  Not the yards per carry board or points per game board, but the scoreboard.  I believe in efficient football, and the winners of the national title are all VERY efficient football teams. The good ones are efficient at scoring on offense, Ohio State was my no. 2 on offense last year, or efficient at limiting scoring on defense, TCU was top 10 in both.  The great teams are efficient at both like the 2012 Alabama team that was no. 1 in offensive and defensive scoring efficiency.

READ: Every national title winner in the last ten years was top three in either offensive or defensive scoring efficiency and all have been top 10 in total scoring efficiency.

My Current Tier I Title Teams for 2015: Washington, Michigan, Ohio State, Alabama

Thru week 10 Dave’s Notes: All of the the Top 25 teams with one loss or are undefeated are in the top 25 of total scoring efficiency.

OFFENSE: Your top three offensive teams, in terms of talent and current position to make the playoffs are Washington, Michigan and Alabama

DEFENSE: Ohio State, Michigan and Alabama are the in the top five of defensive scoring efficiency and top 10 of total scoring efficiency

TOTAL: The top 6 ranked teams are in my CFBMatrix scoring efficiency top 10.  Every National Title winner of the last 10 years is from the top 10.


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