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SEC Top Returning Receivers – 2014

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The SEC’s Returning Receivers

Excerpt from the SEC Preview Magazine: Breaking down stats & ranks from 2013

This is how all teams and every player is broken down in our 2014 college football preview magazines. What good is a preview that count all the guys and stats that are not coming back to play again in 2014? Not only is that a different approach, but we give you the national and conference rankings of the top returnees.

So for example, Jameon Lewis of Mississippi State, ranks nationally no. 17 with 64 receptions and no. 2 in the SEC for returning receivers. His no. 3 average rank in the six categories within the SEC, leads all conference returning receivers.

The final difference is we don’t compare power 5 conference players to the mid-majors. There is too much of a talent gap and it is an apples to oranges comparison lumping in mid-major stats with the big 5 conferences.

SEC Returning Recving Yards Stats and Ranks 2014

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