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The last couple of weeks had some great show segments in Alabama, Mississippi and Ohio talking college football.   I have 2 recordings of segments with Make it Rain Sports and the Out of Bounds Show.  This week of June 18th is already off to a quick start with two shows inviting me to participate.  Special thanks to a CFBMatrix sentinel @michaeljohnzon for asking to get the Matrix on 96.7 The Champ.

Shows in Mississippi and Alabama talking the SEC, Ole Miss, MSU and Auburn all tracked me down for shows on the 19th and 20th.  Both have their shows streaming live and you can listen to everything on the links below.

June 19 , 2012 – 8:19 pm  EDT – Eyes on Auburn Radio 97.3 The Zone with Justin Hokanson Click Here to Listen Live

June 20, 2012 – 10:00am EDT – 96.7 The Champ in Gulfport, MS The Matt Segal Show  Click Here to Listen Live


Last week led off with a one on one with Bo Bounds and the Out of Bounds Show on The Zone 105.9.  We talked 8 versus 4 team playoff and the CFB Matrix suggestion and reasons for 8 teams over 4 (CFB Matrix 8 vs 4 team playoff)

Click here to listen to the whole segment with Bo Bounds

I was honored to be invited to the debut of Make it Rain Sports with Rebel and Bulldog Radio talking Ole Miss, MSU and the SEC.  It’s not everyday you get to headline a new show and wish Jake, Acey and the whole #MIRS crew nothing but the best and wait to see how desperate the show gets if they invite me back on the air.

Click Here to listen to the whole segment with Make it Rain Sports

A special Matrix thanks to 3 shows and hosts that got in touch with me to invite me onto their shows.  I appreciate the outside the box thinking from all the hosts looking for something new and the Matrix sentinels out there asking their radio hosts to get me on the shows.

The Ticket ESPN Radio 106.5 Toledo, OH –   Big Ten/Ohio State/Michigan college football discussion and predictions

105.5 WSNP with Lee Shirvanian Mobile, AL sports talk. Intro to the CFB Matrix and SEC predictions for 2012

96.7 The Champ in Gulfport, MS The Matt Segal Show


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