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Week 5 – Upset Alert

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#UpsetAlert – Week 5

A weekly fan favorite and a just for fun post during college football.  Here is how it works.  I take my game picks made in April using T.L.C. and match them against Vegas picks for the week to make the Upset Alerts.  I am only hoping for .500 on the season as that would mean all my FBS picks made, IN APRIL, with three variables, have the same winning percentage as Vegas doing it every week.  Think about that for a few seconds.

YTD: 6-6

Winners: Penn State +2, Cal +10.5, West Virginia +3.5, Virginia +10, Rutgers +5.5, Wake +2.5

Losers: Miami +3.5, Texas +7.5, USF +1.5, North Carolina +2.5, Virginia +14.5, Cal +9.5

Week 4 Upsets

Not much this week.  Amazing to think my spring winners match Vegas favorites on every power 5 game except one. Go Huskies!

Washington +6.5 vs Stanford


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