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Week #7 – CFB Upset Alerts

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The CFBMatrix Weekly Picks Against the Vegas Favorite

The Original #UpsetAlert


YTD: #UpsetAlert Results: 17-10

Often imitated, never duplicated.  Since I started the #UpsetAlerts last year it has quickly become a fan, reader and listener favorite.  And for good reason.  They are fun and are correct at a rate over double that of Vegas dogs winning.

If this is your first time visiting, you are not going to find a bunch of slides to jack up page counts or crazy calls hoping one big upset comes from 10 different big games just to get folks talking and riled up.  No, I want to post winners.  I want to be right.

Whether it is just a game or two one week or 5+ games the next, my goal is to use the CFBMatrix trends and system to find winners.    While I know that even 50%  correct on teams that are 2,3 and sometimes 4:1 dogs for a season is a great record. 2012 got off to a hot start, but then Vegas sharpened their pencils and I stayed aggressive against them rather than cutting off bad coaches and coach effect.  31-41 was the final tally but beating each one equally would have put a guy up over 40% ROI. 

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Home #UpsetAlerts – (YTD 8-4)

(Updated October 9, 2013)

  • Washington (+14) over #2 Oregon  Rock and a hard place as a Duck alum and season tix holder.  I win either way. But if I don’t post it, I am double jinxing the Ducks by cheating the Matrix and calling my shot.  But if I do post it and all the Ducks (plus the rest of the country) tells me I am crazy, then is their smack a triple jinx? You can’t double stamp a triple stamp so can you triple jinx a double jinx? Damn.  If you thought I had any bias before…..
  • Ole Miss (+6) at home Over Texas A&M  Against Ole Miss last week and on them this week.  Huge game for both teams hopes in SEC West.  
  • Arkansas (+6) at home over South Carolina In a week of very tough Upset Alert calls, this one gives me the most hope.  Both teams grind it out and the game could stay close.  Beliema at Wisconsin pulled 1-2 upset Ws each year.  He will find out somewhere and this is one of the best shots they have this year.


Road Upset Alerts – (ytd 9-6)

  • Oregon state (+2) Over Washington State  I can get Coach Riley and points against a team they out recruit?  Yes please
  • USF (+5) over UCONN  Yuck!  Horrible game but USF has the talent and UConn might be more of a mess than the Bulls.
  • Rutgers (+20) over Louisville I have been waiting all season for this call.  Rutgers is totally fire tested on the road and Strong has been weak at home over the last 3 years.  If U of L is going to go down, it is this game.


NFL #UpsetAlert YTD: 9-5



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