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Guide and Picks for 2013

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81-53-2 in 2012 (17.01% ROI)

55-21 in 2011.

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“I just want to say that I love reading information on your website and all of the comments you make for each game.  I appreciate the of work that you do for us with all of the data that you have compiled over the years.  I just discovered you last year when reading other sports handicapper tweets.  I noticed your name mentioned a few times so I researched you.  This is the first year that I ever spent money on any type of sports service.  To me, it was a bargain to purchase your season pass for the amount of data that you work with, your track history, and winning picks.”  – Client #1068

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Is your team in the mix? – The NCG win and loser have come from my Matrix group for 8 straight years.

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What are the total wins for this years CFB teams? – The breakdown of every AQ school and predicted wins with the CFB Matrix target O/U range.

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What are the best odds for Conferences/Teams? – This is team & conference best bets. Every conference has a pattern inside the Matrix.

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Which teams should you avoid? - Good coaches, bad coaches, roller coaster coaches. Sometimes not losing is good.

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Get weekly Matrix picks to better your odds. – Every week the CFBMatrix will target the best games and odds within the Matrix system. ATS, ML and Mr. Anderson’s Parlay. (see ’11/’12  results below)

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Finding Best Bets on Future Games, not just week to week - Because the Matrix does not change mid season it helps you to avoid coaches that predictably under perform. Get a breakdown of every one.

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Insider Tips, new data to consider & CFB myths exposed – Get updates on new findings and possible trends to play only from the Matrix

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Exclusive guide only for College Football – The CFBMatrix was created only for college football and we do nothing else.

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Got a questions? – Unlike other places the CFB Matrix not only makes best odds picks, but upon request it can explain why you should avoid the rest of them. Email bestbets@cfbmatrix.com or join the members only locked twitter feed @CFBBestBets

My philosophy is to focus on the best odds, equal wagering for each play and be steady with minimal picks to maximize return on your investment (ROI) from within the CFBMatrix system. Members of this program typically use the this package in three ways.

  1. It is used with other programs/packages to reduce risk on picks from any one location
  2. Use it for due diligence and compare it to other packages and recommendations with the final decision to play any particular line made by you the player.
  3. It is used on it’s own with no other input and followed based on player comfort in any one of the recommended areas of total wins, ATS, ML and parlays.
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2011 Predictions
In 2011 both NCG players came from our list of teams within the CFBMatrix system for the 8th straight year. 12 teams hit O/U total wins targets and those picks went 9-3. ATS picks went 21-11 for 71% correct and ROI of 25.28%. ML plays were 18-13 for 55% but an ROI of 13%. Mr. Anderson’s weekly ML parlay was 7-4 in 2011.

2012 Predictions
In 2012 both NCG players came from our list of teams within the CFBMatrix system for the 9th straight year. 16 teams hit O/U total wins targets and those picks went 16-4. ATS picks went 25-23 for a ROI of just 5.09%. ML plays were 34-21 and an ROI of 19.67%. Mr. Anderson’s weekly ML parlay was 7-5 in 2012 but had a huge 53.8% ROI.

CFB Focused
The CFBMatrix was created only for college football and we do nothing else. The CFBMatrix picks are a by-product of the whole system and is simply about using simple metrics to produce the best odds for outcomes. We have no plans to do this for any other sport. It is very difficult to do one sport well, let alone several. We can foresee a time that the very best will specialize in one sport only. If you were day-trading would you follow the guy making picks on hundreds of stocks in dozens of industries or the one that studies just one industry or a few stocks?

Membership Period
It starts when you register and your auto-renewal date is 365 days later. When you renew it is for the next subscription cycle regardless of the date you register to participate.  I feel this is the most fair and simple way to work together for CFB Best Bets.

We do one thing every week, all year and that is try to get the best odds on outcomes of games within the CFBMatrix system. We do not believe in daily, weekly or monthly teasers. We do not offer locks, bombs, specials or anything else. One system, one price, one sport. And we simply follow the numbers for the best odds the entire year. We have off weeks and on weeks and over the season we expect to win more than we lose. By offering short term ‘deals’ and teasers, we feel it devalues our professionalism, effort and expertise.

Why $117.00? It's an odd number and it not as expensive as most places monthly charges?
In putting the CFB Best Bets Membership package together I understand that a ‘unit’ for most folks is under $100.  The 2012 recommended plays last year provided an ROI of over 17% and a ‘unit’ return of over +20 in 2012.  $117 is 5% of the total unit ‘won’ at $100 per play.  I feel that this is superior value for the players of smaller units and a deal to good not to have in your due diligence portfolio if you are a big unit player. We do not offer specials, discounts or anything else. Are we under priced or is the industry overpriced? The real question is: Can you afford to not have this information in your hands?

You still have questions or concerns?
Email me cfbmatrix@gmail.com.  I try my best to be open, honest and with full transparency as to what the system is and how to use it to your advantage.I welcome your questions, comments or concerns.


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